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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Total Commander - file manager APK

برنامج  لأجهزة الاندرويد طور من قبل C. Ghisler بتاريخ 9/5/2017 ويوجد حاليا أكثر من  10 مليون  مستخدم وحصل على تقييم 4.5 من جوجل بلاي 

Cover art
Current Version:2.80
Requires Android:1.5 & up
Rating:4.5/5 (10.000.000users)
Total Commander - file manager APK:
Android version of the desktop file manager Total Commander (

Important note: This app does NOT contain any ads. However, it contains a link "Add plugins (download)" in the home folder. This is treated as an ad by the Play Store because it links to our other apps (plugins).

Main features:
- Copy, Move whole subdirs
- Drag & Drop (long press on file icon, move icon)
- Inplace rename, create directories
- Delete (no recycle bin)
- Zip and unzip, unrar
- Properties dialog, change permissions
- Built-in text editor
- Search function (also for text)
- Select/unselect groups of files.....and more
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